The Best Logo Design Process

Best Logo Design Process

Best Logo Design Process

Logo design professional. If you want to know concept of the best logo design. You should read this article.The heart logo design have not much. The logo is not just picture paste on the product and organization only.But the logo is agent of product and organization.And design logo for the best logo you should understand the concept of the logo design.

Basic principles of logo design

1. Logo must be agent the product or organization.

2. Logo must be easily recognizable.

3. Easily recognizable when don’t used color in logo.

4. Easily recognizable when logo is small.

How to design logo is recognizable.

1.Don’t use clip art.

2.Don’t use effect in logo.

3. Logo isn’t banner.

4. Use  picture and text in the logo.

Logo design professional  use together graphics and text in the logo.

5. Don’t use only text logo.

6. Attempt use abbreviation of organization in the logo.

NBC logo Best Logo Design

NBC logo Best Logo Design

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