CalcuNow a customizable calculator that provides instant results as you are typing



CalcuNow is one application to calculator.If you use Google Chrome web browser and want to has the calculator that provides instant results as you are typing  on your web  browser.

You can now drag and drop problems and answers from the memory window: To do so just click the memory button, grab a problem or answer by holding down the mouse button, drag it to CalcuNow’s screen and let go.

- The CalcuNow will provide instant results to your math expressions as you are typing them!

- You may use the buttons on CalcuNow to enter your expression or use your keyboard.

- CalcuNow was built using HTML5 and has taken advantage of offline storage. It is stored right in your browser. It will also store all the problems that you have typed and can be viewed under the memory window.

- You can change the background of CalcuNow simply by dragging one of the provided wallpapers directly into CalcuNow. These settings will be saved and remembered by the browser even after refreshing.
CalcuNow Page

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